This a song my band and I wrote. The tempo is about the same as Hey Joe.

Any advice is welcome.

Verse 1

I’m waiting for you

At the gates of dawn

As the time drifts by

Just like, like the tide

When the wind had brought me

I opened my eyes

A familiar face said

I had arrived

Here is Atlantis

The Place to be

Truly is

A sight to see

Chorus x2

Faces disappear

Time is drawing near

Nothing lasts forever

Verse 2

I never thought it would

Come, come to this

As I think and

Rem, reminisce

I got your message in the

Sand, it was etched in stone

Truths of the

End, I cant postpone

Ask the clock to

Stop, stop the madness

Then the waves came in

It began to end

Chorus x2

As it came upon us

Poseidon sent

Tsunami said to the city

Pray to him

Mariners gazed

We’d seen better days

The waves rose to the city

Began to fall

As I looked to the sky

Cried, cried your name

I closed my eyes and

Said good bye

Chorus x2