Now the researchers on the Colgate toothpaste commercial say you can get diabetes, heart disease, or have a stroke from gum disease. GUM DISEASE!!!!
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lol That just sounds like a desparate attempt to sell thier toothpaste

Basically thier saying buy our toothpaste or die

You will get the odd retard who'll believe it
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Yes, because one group of researchers reflects all researchers.
did they have nothing better 2 do with their time than tell me im gonna die if i dnt brush my teeth. GEEZ!
couldnt they have made some catchy gingle or something.
You can get prostate cancer from drinking soy milk.
gum disease= exposed blood vessels

the plaque on you're teeth get into your blood stream and clog your arteries= heart attack, or more likely stroke.

this is actually nothing new...
Edit: ^HAHAHA you valley, stay off our beaches.

They are smarter than you, considering you are what 13-14? Maybe you should do some research before you look like an ass.