So anyhow i have a silverface fender champ. I noticed that one of the tubes (the 6V6 one) has a blue colored gas around it. The gas also fluctuates when i play a note.

Along with the gas the amp makes a wierd fuzzy vibrating noise. its not OD cause it comes out at relativy low volumes too and i never got this fuzz before. Does this mean i need a tube change or is there something else wrong with the amp.

Plz help me.

BTW yes i tried a search and got no results for the vibrating problem although it said that the blue gas isn't really a bad thing.
I'm not tube expert, but my 6L6's are clear on the inside like a light bulb.
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I'm pretty sure blue gassy tubes means air is getting inside.
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actually people people said that blue gas is alright its just somekind of reaction INSIDE the tubes. But they said that if there is pink gas around it, then outside air is getting in.

But whatever ill change them anyways.
sometimes blue gas is ok, but if it just started showing up that means your tube is taking in air and needs to be changed.
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yea, some blueness can be normal. Your problem here though is that only one of the tubes shows some blue gas. This along with the fact that when you play notes, the blue gas increases almost certainly means the tube has lost it's vacuum and everytime you play notes it draws more air/electrons in (causing the blueness). The good news is that a fresh set of tubes should solve your problems
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