Alright heres the story i was like four years old when i first heard this band and it was the first blues song i ever heard and subsequentially the first song that ever ripped my balls out my nose it took me 11 years to find out who the band was but now i know J. Geils Band they are from Boston in the 70's until recently and they are an amazing rock/ blues band, actually more of a blues/rock band and its amazing defintally pick up a cd its worth every penny
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Yeah, they are a great band, but most people recognize them for "Centerfold," "Freeze-Frame," and "Love Stinks," but they are so much more than 80s pop-rock. Especially after you hear the live "Whammer Jammer" harmonica!
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^ They used to play the Boston club circuit with Aerosmith btw.

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^ Oh man Centerfold is atrocious! They're bluesy stuff is great.

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I look up to you now. I'm serious, I have more respect for you than most Ugers!
i like them even their poppy shit like centerfold. Its catchy bar music. Around here they are HUGE on karaoke night haha.
I can't believe this thread died. J. Geils has to be one of the best bands in the blues/rock genre of all time! Hell, in my opinion, one of the best bands in the classic rock category. Their debut LP is my favorite album. Period.

Sadly, I only have their first album, with the exception of my father owning full house.

Anyway, it's amazing how much chemistry they have between all of them. There are no two instruments that are the same in that band, which I believe help makes such a simple, yet complex sound (what kind of explanation is that lol?)

This may just sound like a bunch of rambling, but when I found this thread, I needed to let my emotions out on this topic. Please, people, help resurrect this thread!
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I (finally) got Blow Your Face Out, and while I don't like all of it, there are a number of tracks that I love. Chime is absobloominootly fantastic
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