I've been eyeing and Ibanez RG370 but am worried about Ibanez's reputation as a metal company. I am a sworn enemy of metal music, I want a guitar that will pull off some Southern Rock, Classic Rock. And everywhere I read about Ibanez people are saying how good they are for metal, but haven't seen anything for other genres of music.
I want it to have some good cleans but get some crunch too, not like death metal crunch though
Any Ibanez owners that don't play metal want to contribute?
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You're a sworn enemy of a genre of music? That's pretty... impressive.

Anyways, Ibanez makes more than their RG line. Check out their other guitars.
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as an ibanez fanboy myself, they can handle any genre of music you want. i play mostly classic rock and some metal and mine sounds great. dont write ibanez off just cuz players mostly use them for metal.
Ibanez guitars are pretty nice. There are other models of Ibanez guitars that are more appropriate for southern rock and classic rock. Just check out the selections at musiciansfriend.com or something. Most of them from $400 on up should be fine for what you want as long as they don't have EMGs or something.
herman Li pays S's. those things kick ass. from the ones i have played they are practically meant for shreding
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herman Li pays S's. those things kick ass. from the ones i have played they are practically meant for shreding

He didn't ask about shredding, asshole.

My S is pretty versatile, but you may want to check out their classic series .
there's plenty of versatility, depends on your setup, its not strictly metal.
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Thats what she said...
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He didn't ask about shredding, asshole.

lol jerk...

and i would also recommend that you take a look at the s series, i own one and play just as much classic rock and blues as heavier stuff and it sounds very nice.
They are pretty versitle, especially the ones with single-coils. I'm curious why you are looking at an ibanez though if you only want to play classic rock? Seems like a strat/tele would suit your needs better. (If a humbucker is what your looking for try out a fat strat, it will likely handle your tones better and give you added versitility.)
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Meh, I'm not a big fan of Strats. Well I am, but I just get tired of them. And I hate Tele's.
I don't know, I haven't seen any other Ibanez's that I like the look that aren't RG's.
I love Ibanez quality though, I used to own a GRG. And this one is HSH so it would appear to be pretty versatile.
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RGs are incredibly versatile, I wouldn't worry about it.
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i woudnt recommend any low end rg's. more specifically with edge III bridge. look for the S's or rg prestiges.

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yea, mine does blues and stuff like skynyrd pretty well