I'm pretty cashed up, good job, few expeneses so of course I have been salivating at the thought of blowing thousands of dollars on guitars and gear...

So, I could afford a straight out Les Paul, but I've a little hankering for a les paul junior, to get that balls-out Clash tone.

In conclusion, is that silly, or would I reallybe better off just going for the les paul?
I'm not sure whether you are nutso. But if you have a few grand burning a hole in your pocket, get the guitar you want. I would forget about the Jr and get the LP.
i like the regular LP much better, so much more versatile and over-all better sounding (IMO)

but if your strickly playing pop-punk, or regular punk. Junior wins
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I've had GAS for a long time unfortunately. I also has AAS (amp acq syn).

And I don't play pop/punk. As if Blink 182 is pop! (I'm seriously kidding so hush).

I play lost of stuff. I have my 60th Ann tele for clean stuff and some rock. I was just looking for a balls and all rock guitar.
oh, if you're looking for a really good guitar, and you want to spend a lot, then get an Ibanez JEM... and if you don't like it, you can always give it to me... or just give it to me anyways
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Although I'm not a Les Paul guy I would go for the regular LP.
Chunkier tone, better sustain, better quality, a good "long-term guitar"
As for myself nothing beats a Fender.
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the regular les pauls are nice but it wouldn't hurt to step into the world of JRs, if you do want to, a great Jr that will last a lifttime is the gibson 57'. Its in the 2500 range tho but its a great guitar, and a remake of a classic,