well, I turn my amp on everything is going good, but then i switch it to the clean channel and get a loud pop sound , then the volume goes way down. I try it again and try and switch it to the ultra channel, but it won't even switch. I go to manually switch it to the ultra channel and it pops again, volume cutting out. I also noticed that when i turn it on, it starts on the ultra channel (the ultra channel light comes on), but it quickly turns it to crunch (where i turned it off at) on it's own.

what is the problem. Did I blow a fuse? Did I put the tubes in right?

Also note that a week ago, when the head was lying on the ground, a drunk stepped on it, causing the bass and the volume knob for the clean channel to fall off.

I'm so pissed and sad.
ask a tech at a storre
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once things start to go haywire/crazy like that, it's very hard to diagnose and fix. You will have to open it up to take a closer look.
You don't know how pissed I am. I've waited since the beginning of the year to play it (it's been sitting out in my living room). I saved up for the cab and finally got it. I plug it in and this ****ing shit happens.
I think it might be a defect amp, mines fine.
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Metal Lover, I was just courios if you ever found out what the problem was with your amp? I'm having a similar problem.