Why do wires break? I've had 3 guitar cables break for almost no apparent reason, they just work one day and don't the other.

Anyone care to explain why and/or tell me how to fix them?
um most wires break because you've pulled loose the wire on the inside its like this

here is the jack -----======andthesewordsarethecopperwireattatchedtoit

when you break a wire it looks like this --------======= and the wire is over here

it happens mostly from harshly pulling out your cable from the input just sodder the wire back on twist of the jack and you'll get a better example
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did you also buy those Live Wire cables. I have about 5 different lengths of live wire cables, all of them stopped working
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nah i just have some regular cables, and damn is it hard to open those things up. But yeah thanks, and i have heard that livewire's are bad
Well, I tend to step on my cables, and then it forms a tightness of the cable and the end plugged into my guitar, therefore the cable FLIES out of the guitar, and if I'm lucky it didn't break. That's how mine break, idk about you guys. XD
thats some weirdass question...
kinda like why do birds fly?
or why do we live?

everything brakes from time to time
all i can say is buy monstercables and you'll never need to buy a different one again


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I have a 6' American Cable

1 - 30' Pro Co Lifelines Cable

and 1 - 10' Fender California Cable

I mostly use the fender cable and have stepped on it many times...it has yet to break down on me.

my cables are 9 months old now, except the 30 foot one which is only 7 and not used mucch anyways... and are still working like new...
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