So I want to record a collection of songs where I write, record, sing, and play every instrument (guitar, bass, drums/percussion, keyboard,...). I see alot of people swear by PC recordings on here, but would an 8 track really be that bad? I've never used one and don't know much about them, but I have found some Fostex's that record digitally and connect to your computer through a USB port. It doesn't seem that bad. I only ask because I only have a budget of $300 - $400 and I'm not sure I'll be able to get another computer and put it in my basement (where I want to record).
i do all my stuff electricronically, rite into the computer, so theres no amps or anything used
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i do all my stuff electricronically, rite into the computer, so theres no amps or anything used

can you get distortion when you do that?

and what software do you use
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Well, see I only have one computer in my house and it's upstairs. My drums, where I'd be recording, is in my basement. So I don't know weather to live invest in a laptop or something or to go for one of those Fostex digital recorders
mmm... depending how powerful or fast , sound cards an what not.
It might cost you the same to just get a digital recorder

I'm using a tascam DP-FX...right around $500.
It works for me at the moment.

Try looking around for used computer and use that just for your recording.
this way your not tieing up the other computer.
I can get a 512 for $125...with only 20GB of hard drive
That should get you started.
You can always upgrade for around $50.
In the long run the more tracks the better. Especially if your a drummer
You are going to want to add more drum sounds to a song.
The 8 tracks gets fill very quickly.
You can bounce , but you won't be able to adjust tone, volume
of verious crashes and what not...on final mix down.

I go direct with a GT8...I don't have a studio
No background nosie...Plus I spent all my money on the GT8
and can't afford a good mic. The GT 8 have mics and speaker simulators, thou.
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thanks for the reply. yeah looks like a computer is the way to go. i just gotta figure out how im gonna get it to work
if you need it to be portable a laptop is necessary but you will probably be able to get an equivalent desktop for less money.
I own the fostex, and it is great. Very easy to use and the sound quality is superb. If you do by it upgrade the compact flash card because the one included doesn't even have a enough time for a full song.