you know how those thousand dollar amp heads have all those dials and switches? do they all affect the tone? i saw the most expensive gk head and there were only like 5 dials
Not all expensive heads have alot of features.

Usually most controls on the head do affect the tone or feel in one way or another. You'd have tone shaping controls, gain, volume, and EQ, and possibly compression. They aren't always necessary.
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look at those new marshall vintage stacks, the reissues of wut hendrix used or w/e they are, and the bluesbreaker and 1974 combos, they got very few dials, but are amazing. it basically all depends on the amp. if u look at something like certain tsl and dsl heads ands combos, and u look closely, each channel has its own set of controls (gain, treb, mid, bass, (prescence?)), so its just separate controls for each channel, whereas some cheap crap like line 6 spiders have one set of knobs for a million uneckesary channels. and thens there dials for shitty built in fx, but thats for pussys who cant afford pedals

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So then why do you have a line 6?

I find line 6 to be pretty good in terms of versatility, but yes, all the presets are unnecessary.

The older amps with only 5 knobs for gain, eq, and maybe volume are really good, but amps like the TSLs and DSLs are nice because of the versatility.

My advice: Don't go with something that has a lot of knobs or is too simple. Go for somethign where you know you'll like the way it sounds. I find most of the time that too many knobs just makes it more confusing.
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can i just ask what does presence do ? i have it on my small practice amp and it doesnt seem to do all that much.

i just end up getting a bit more of the rli rli high pitched fuzz (shitty amp:P)

boost the extreme highs ?
Look at an orange amp head, that has something like 4 dials on it i think
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dudes, look at the ampeg svt classic, that has like 8 knobs and is the best sounding bass head in the world! find something that sounds good regardless of knobs.
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Look at an orange amp head, that has something like 4 dials on it i think

i have that on my ibanez soundwave 20/

it magnifies the ultra high frequencies.
just makes you sound slightly more upfront

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alot of ppl buy a specific thousand dollar head because that head offers a particular sound. so whats the point of offering a dozen knobs that affect 4 things each when theres only 1 or 2 particular sounds u wnat.

case example, like mentioned, the ampeg svt 8pro has 8 knobs, mainly for EQ, gain adn volume, and some stupid ultra-low every amp seams to have now with an equally stupid name. but case in point is the svt pro has a very very recognizeable tone. and thats what ppl buy it for.

chances are they will also have a fender american precision bass to complete the sound.