hey guys im still in a bind on finding my first car. i have a $11,000 limit. i really want it to be something with at LEAST a 4.0 v6, so i guess i want it to have some kick to it. so far these have been my ideas, but im not very good at this. my main ones im thinking about right now are a ford mustang or nissan xterra. i like the feel of the xterra better and being up higher and having more room is definitely a plus. the mustang has more kick to it because i could possibly get a GT which has a v8 in it.

the bad part of it is i dont like the feel of almost being on the ground and the interior is pretty damn small. i would want a dodge charger because it is basically a sedan version of what a new mustang looks like, but it's out of my price range. does anyone have any other ideas? like i said before im pretty new to cars and picking one so any help is greatly appreciated.
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You can't go wrong with the mustang. It is actually pretty roomy. I went non-stop from Oklahoma to Alabama in the back seat of one. It wasn't too bad. And as far as being close to the ground....well yeah,they do sit low.
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Well I got a 2000 Grand Prix GTP that's got a supercharged V6 in it. It's got pretty nice power for a 4 door sedan... Cost me about $8900.

If you go with a Mustang though, do not bother with one unless you get a V8. Anything less is just a chick's Mustang.