Poll: Which is better, pants or shorts?
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View poll results: Which is better, pants or shorts?
46 66%
15 21%
Doesn't matter
9 13%
Voters: 70.
I am currently having an argument with a friend over which is better. So what do you think?
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None, because I walk naked
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"i like shorts. they're comfortable and easy to wear."

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quite sad that i remember that, it was just so retarded and random
i know...
it's sad

^^song of the day, kidz are so small?
haha, that song is song strange to me, i laugh everytime i hear it.
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I have some of the hairest legs you'll see and I'm not ashamed of wearing shorts one bit. Man power, baby...
Pants. I used to not be able to wear pants all year round, and now I do. I hate shorts.
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I only like shorts with pockets, and I pretty much only wear them on vacation. Cause ya know, when you're a tourist, you gotta look the part.
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Shorts in the summer, jeans in the winter. Makes sense to me.
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i wear pant 100% of the year, i would rather die of heat stroke than wear shorts. it kills when ur playing tennis in the middle of summer though
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jeans are just my style.
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Well in the summer on the hottest days I wear shorts, but for the most part I wear pants (jeans/pajamas).
^skinnys aild2006? ifso you rock. i cant live without my black skinnys. i hate shorts. die shorts die!!!!!

except for boardies. but then theyr only acceptable when your swimming......oh well. die shorts.
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Girl pants.

I wear shorts around my house sometimes though. But never outside.
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Girl pants.

said it all ready you c nt!
I don't like as i lay dying
I like my bell bottoms, I'll wear cargo shorts in the summer if it gets to hot.

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