We're refinishing my dad's bass (i've mentioned it before) and a while back we decided to make it fretless. We've yanked out the frets, filled them with some wood filler, and are now at an impasse. The filler is obviously different from the rest of the fretboard, and we want to finish/color match it. A few questions:

What do we use ?
Can we paint it? (I think it's a stupid idea, my dad's in favor of it)

We need the fretboard to be a monotone sort of thing, not a "Hey, that jackass defretted his bass!"

Keep them a different colour, it's easier to play as you can see the fret lines, but is still a fretless.
i woulda filled em with then pieces of contrasting wood to make it look like its supposed to look like that and its not wood filler
You could scrape the wood filler out and fill the slots, then cover the fretboard, with epoxy. It won't be the same colour, but it will be clear. This will be better, in my opinion, because it will be not appear to be a different colour than the wood. But if you look close enough and from the right angle, the slots will still be noticible to the player.

Or you could scrap the current fretboard and buy a new one without fretlines.
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Yeah, scrape out the wood filler. Wood filler should never go anywere near a guitar.

Assuming the fretboard is rosewood or ebony then epoxy is good, but cyanoacrylates (superglue) are better because they will draw some color out of the surrounding wood making the glue blend rather than just being clear. The thinnest, cheapest superglue you can find typically works best from getting it to blend, but when you are filling large gaps sometimes you have to use thicker stuff. I really like the superglue that you can get from www.lmii.com It's cheap and it works great.
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