Alright, as soon as I get my first paycheck, I am getting a bass and an amp. I have already decided on which bass I am getting, A Fender standard P-bass. But I have no knowledge about bass amplifiers, so I come to you.

My two favourite bassists by far are Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) and Markus Grosskopf (Helloween) and I would like an amp that nail their tones, they both have pretty similar tones, but I think Markus uses a bit more distortion. My Budget is about $450, and I would like an amp that is gig-ready. some Amps I am going to take a look at are:

The Ashdown Mag 210 would prob be your best choice - if you want something "gig ready" then more wattage is always good. 100W will barely cut it with a band behind you, unless you're mic'd.

But again, more wattage is always good.

I would also think that to get their tones, the 2x10 would be more punchy, which is definitely what you want. It's mostly in the amp settings though.
Alright, sounds good. I'm a bit concerned about that amp's volume, I currently live in an apartment, and have no reason to think that we may be moving soon. do you think that amp would be too loud?
on the lowest volume level, there's not TOO much difference between my 30W practice amp and my friend's 600W mesa stack. you should be fine.
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