what sounds can you make with your guitar i justwas playing around with my gutiar and found i can make a fog horn sorta sound

4th fret on g,d,a only 1 string have distition on and turn the volume up if done correctly it sounds pretty good
I can make like a siren sound by scraping the side of my pick up and down the 3rd or 4th string.
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something like that.
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I can make my guitar sound like I am raping it by inseting my penis into it.
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I can do R2-D2's effects with my strat, set your pup selector to bridge, cover the strings near the end of the fretboard with your right hand, hold a metal object (i use the tremolo arm) on your left and hit the higher strings with it, same principle as a slide, although do it for individual notes instead of sliding it through the strings

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Ok heres what you do... get two electrics and two amps and hook them up respectively...
Get each amp buzzing with distortion and gain (maybe throw in some effects like Flanger or Phaser)...
And then hold the guitars with the strings touching each other...
Now just run them back and forth like your playing a violin... that makes one hellish sound
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my friend does this thing with reverb and it sounds like a whale mating call. LOL.

we do this thing where we use a slide, or a battery... something metal, and make a race car sounds. lol.
look on steve vais website vai.com and somewhere on there it will tell u about 30 cool sounding things to do with ur guitar
i can make a missle sound

you do a squeal on the 3rd fret holding your G and B string at the same time and bend it up real high and then slowly go down i sounds pretty cool
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you can get a pretty cool siren kind of sound if you do one of them dimebag style whammy-harmonic things with a decent amount of delay and the two notes mix togeter and sound funnny.
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crank the gain, use delay. then start scraping the strings with your fingers and like tap them. sounds like horror movie-ish. hey, it scared my bro.
I can make mine sound like a guitar.

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I can make a "fap fap fap" sound, buy thrusting my naked penis along the back of my guitar
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hold the phone up to your pickup and press the buttons! it sounds awesome with delay
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i can make a bird sound
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I can make the sound of a dying Giraffe.
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If you have high-output exposed pole HB's like Dimarzio's and a floyd rose, you can dip down the strings enough to have them flap around and get stuck to the pickups. This makes a burping sound and if you do more than one it's just the sound of dead things.

Also, hold a note and punch your guitar between the bridge and the endpin. It makes a vibrating sound, although it's probably bad for your guitar.
i can do pac-man noise.....and the pac-man ghosts....tell you what heres where i got it from

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