I'm trying to get a new DVD onto my iPod, but Roxio Easy Media Creator isn't letting me import it because it is copy protected. Is there any way to "unprotect" this disc?
Use different software, I've found that some of my software can get past the code, and some can't
to get dvd files onto your computer use dvd decrypter
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Yeah but even DVD Decripter can get some of the newer movies because the guy that made it got shut down so there aren't any more updates for it. I couldn't RIP Accepted with it because of this.
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try searching on google for a dvd ripping program
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i use DVD shrink. it works wonders.
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I use DVD X Copy Platinum to burn it to my hard drive and use nero 7 to recode it to a format my ipod can use. Pretty simple, just takes a little time. Probably 1 hour to defeat the copy protection and 1 hour to recode it. DVD X Copy works very good, there has only been one movie that it hasn't been able to copy, CLICK.
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