this may be for the drug forum but does weed really make you more creative when playin guitar i mean ive smoked before but never played guitar while high just bullshitted and ate food but really does it work and make most people creative
ive been high and played soo many times, but heres the thing. i dont know if it makes you more creative, because it makes you suck at the guitar really bad.

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it slows you down but get some cool effects and you come up with some crazy shit
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I wouldn't say it makes you more creative. I'd say that it alters your state of mind, changing the what you would play, and making that sound better to you. Or, in short, it gives you something different, not necissarily more creative.

But question really depends on what you view creativity as.
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Random input, but if you get blazed and decide to randomly play guitar, chances are you'll suck ... motor skills impaired etc, not to mention you'll prolly lose focus; however, if you make it a goal to play blazed several times in a row, you actually get better playing under the influence (yeah, you know, state dependent memory works with motor skills too, trust me). You'll never be as crisp or tight as you would sober (don't get ripped and try to show up someone with that new yngwie lick you just learned yesterday), but once you attain a level of fluency where you can play blitzed out of your scull, some cool things can happen - especially if you're jamming with a friend and are both committed to making music.

...oh, and if you happen to be one of those people who can do what I've just described, pull out a tape recorder when you play (short term memory ::cough::cough: and take ideas from it later

No, it just makes you think you're more creative. i.e. You will come up with a riff that you think is really awesome, but the next day you will play it and go 'what was i thinking?'. I find it is good to listen to music stoned, but not to write or play, but that is just my experience.
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What a good thread.
yeah man. it works. smoking bud improves your guitar playing. but... you have to get warmed up. warm up for as long as it takes you... and then start makin shit up. itll blow ur mind. when ur high on pot.. the stuff you play SOUNDS better to you... and since it sounds better, you get into it deeper, and u play it better.. so it gets even better.

then before u know it, your a rock god man..
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