I bough the digitech deathmetal about 1 week ago for my solid state crate amps a 15 wat and I believe a 120 wat. It was was the best distortion I have ever received from with a SS amp.

Now, I dont know why, but I never chugged with harmonics on this pedal till' today and I got CRAP. You can barely or not hear them, they fade to quickly too. I tried just doing regular harmonics on string and they wouldn't come out. Once I plugged out the digitech and put in my RP80 digitech distortion they sounded nice and clean

Could it be the Digitech Death is sucking my harmonics right off? Or is there a quick and easy solution? =/
Try your harmonics with the amp distortion, and then try it on the Death Metal distortion.
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That pedal is unbelievably muddy, it could be too much other noise just dampening it out. That pedal sucks, in my opinion, bad death metal distortion.
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$250 for an amp? wow. is it worth it to invest that much in the amp?

My harmonics are fine with my amp and Digitech RP 80 distortion. Digitech death metal, suckzors.
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I'm guessing it's pulling the Boss Metal Zone trick and eating the mids...no mids=no harmonics.
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