So I don't know how to palm mute. Or i didn't. I had my lead guitarist show me how, adn it still sounded crappy. I tried it on his guitar and got it perfect. My singer, who doesn't know too much about guitars says it may be my guitar, which i think is illogical. I play a H-S-S Stratocaster. Is it logical that my guitar may inhibit my palm muting, adn if so, how could i fix it?

well, some guitar are easy to palm mute on, and certain guitars just sound like crap when you try and palm mute. you shouldn't have to much trouble with a strat. where are you putting your palm at on the strings?
its not your guitar, its your amp... u need to either adjust the settings or buy a distortion pedal if u dont have one.
Not trying to be a jerk but its not your amp. Its probably you. It jsut takes getting it perfect. You wnat ot have you palm barely on the strings, like right where they come out of the bridge.
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Quote by TIMshady1stLP
Not trying to be a jerk but its not your amp. Its probably you. It jsut takes getting it perfect. You wnat ot have you palm barely on the strings, like right where they come out of the bridge.

so, its just as easy to get a nice sounding palm mute on a fender amp compared to say a mesa or a marshall? its hard to mess up on the palm muting technique, its mostly the amp.
Use the Humbucker and crank the gain. If you still don't get the sound you're looking for it's your amp. You might need to upgrade or get some sort of distortion pedal, or both.

What amp do you have?

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You'll just need to get used to resting your hand on your bridge. His guitar may have had a bridge that felt more natural is all.
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I have to agree with some of the people here, it is definatly not your amp, because if you just started to learn palm muting, well obviously you will not sound too good.

just practise as much as you can
i guess i left a lot out, sorry.

I play my Strat through a Spider II. My other guitarist plays an Ibanez through a Mesa Dual Rectifier(sp). On his guitar, i was able to execute a palm mute fairly well, whereas he using my guitar, sounded muddy. This is why my singer suggested that its my guitar. This doesn't seem to make sense.

My thought is that it might be his action or something like that. The idea that my guitar may inhibit my ability to perform certain universal techniques baffles me. So again i appeal to UG, what can be the problem?

well most importantly you need to get a better feel for the bridge of your guitar by the sounds of things, but if you had perfect palm muting technique it would obviously sound a lot better through a rectifier then a spider II
Dual Recs naturallly have alot more balls then a Spider. You can get a better palm mute out of those amps then a Spider hands done so that is probably why it sounds muddy to you. Try you guitar through his amp and see if it sounds better. If you loose the mud but something is still off it may just be an easy technique fix. Bottm line experiment man.
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tryto lay your hand as close to the trem block as possible, if you bring your hand closer to the fret board, the notes will get higher and soundmore like crap.
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It dose depend on the guitar you are useing when it comes to palm muteing, Most guitar's like rhoads, jacksons, les pauls, ext. are easy to palm mute with, others however are a bit more complicated, Id say work on it eventualy you will get it
It's got nothing to do with the guitar, little to do with the amp and everything to do with technique. It's the same with pinch harmonics, the technique required to do them is the same on every guitar. Now, how that technique will SOUND will vary depemding on your amp and how it's set, but you have to have the technique right in the first place. The only guitar-related issue you MAY have is if you're an inexperienced player with a floating (not strat-style) tremolo, as you won't have a light enough touch to not disturb the bridge.

If you can do it fine on his guitar then you obviously have the technique down, that means you need to adjust your amp so that it responds better to that technique. A little more bass probably, if you have an EQ pedal you probably want to bump the lower mids up a bit, if not then adjust the amps mid control accordingly.
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Thanks a ton everybody. I'm just relieved that they were wrong about it being a gear problem. I'm gunna go practice the crap out of my palm mute now.