One more question for the UG community . . .

I now own a PRS custom 24 20th ann. with a wide/thin neck,

and here's my dilemma . . .

I play a lot - lots of scales, drills, reading, etc - point is, my ax gets a lot of use. I don't want to wear down the fretboard on my PRS (I know it doesn't happen overnight) or needlessly scratch it, or wear down my trem.

And here's the kicker, I just sold my first electric - a 6 year old Ibanez RG - partially because I needed the cash (that PRS wasn't cheap), and partially because I NOW HATE FLOYD ROSE!!!! (I'm sorry, but damn, tunning stability? 'common!).

I now want a practice ax, but don't want to blow a **** load of cash. I could use any piece of wood, but it would be nice if the neck was remotely similar to my PRS (considering I'll record with it, and play live most of the time with it), and it would also be nice if it was the kind of guitar that would get me by for those nights in shitty clubs/bars/friend's house parties (where I wouldn't dare expose my baby to spilt beer/smoke/raucous drunks. Oh yeah, and I don't want my trem to float, or even think of leaving my ax (btw, the PRS trems are killer, halfway decent pull backs, can dive 'till my strings flap, and I don't lose tune - haha, I can only afford one tho ... ever)

I'm open to suggestions! I looked at Fenders, but the name brand alone seemed to jack their price (or maybe I'm just spoiled now).


You could look into a Fender Strat. Got those bridges that you seem fond of and will offer something different with single pickups.

Also, if you go to a guitar shop and just play alot of mexican Strats, you're sure to find a nice one because there's always great examples out there. Fender are pretty good in terms of price I find, so that's always a good bet.

Also, maybe look into an S Series Ibanez?
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just get a PRS SE. Thats what I did( cant afford a 22 or 24)

They are great guitars for killer prices, the only difference is not as good pickups, and made in Korea.
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