a friend mentioned this website to me it is the most, there is not a word to describe how evil it is, its called conservapedia which is a right winged Christan alternative and nemesis to wikipedia.

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How is this evil? It just looks like the 'other' view to me, which in a way is quite refreshing. I see no reason to hold these people back from stating their point of view. Or am I missing something???
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conservatives are what the world needs to rid itself of.

anyone who disaproves of lesbians is no friend of mine
its not evil, its the first amendment in action.

note:i do not support the beleif the use of common era in place of ad is an attempt to erase christian history and etc
Why do people spew shit everywhere? It seems like no matter what happens, some religious group has to come up with something that contradicts it then they try and recruit as many as possible to their cause. If people would keep their f*cking mouths shut(even though they have the right) about everything and just keep it to themselves and their private life we'd probably be a little better off......./rant.
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So because of minor perceived underlying biases, they go out and make an overtly biased wiki whereby scientists who support evolution are described as 'non creationist scientists' and broad generalisations are made to support claims with an agenda. Right...
Right. But how articles about 'valence electrons', 'isotopes', 'rhombuses', and 'weather fronts' can be biased is beyond me.

Even more annoyingly, this site is 5x more biased than wikipedia, just in the other direction. How do they not realise that?

Wikipedia slightly beats Conservapedia in terms of detail.
Let's look at Conservapedia's article about Greece.
"The collective term for the civilizations of the Greek subcontinent." Great.
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conservatives are what the world needs to rid itself of.

The world needs to rid itself of people.
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