is it safe to buy something online off musiciansfriend.com? i mean, if my mom gives them her credit card number they can,you knoe, steal from it and stuff cant they?
i really want to get a boss ds-1 and unless i buy it online its ganna cost alot more.......
when i told my mom she said she will not buy anything off the internet because of what i just wrote up there.....so, is she right or is she just being worries for nothing?

yes! best site for music gear.
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COMPLETELY safe. Sure there are some sites that I'd be iffy about, but large sites that many people use, like musiciansfriend.com are perfectly safe.
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Musicians Friend is an amazing site, you can definatley trust them.
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What a good thread.
Best one out there. And most reputable. And trustworthy. Hell I buy there all the time.

As to the convincing, you could either show her this thread (most likely won't work) or find someone near you that has bought from them. Odds are that you won't convince her.
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thanks guys, but my moms a frrrrrreak about things like that, so how do i convince her?
Show her the contents of this thread.

Provided the Legion guy doesn't infiltrate this. That would be awkward.
musicians friend is more trustworthy than guitar center, lmao. they don't sell broken amps bad experience!
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Yeah, my friend has basically gotten all his guitar related stuff from there with no problem.
It is slightly cheaper to go to a guitar shop, plus then you can try before you buy.
isnt it cheaper to buy from there than from the shop? i mean, it would cost me like 40$ extra if i go to the store wont it?
musicians friend has telephone ordering.
although the internet would be safer.
they tend to send you the wrong item, and then you gotta pay to ship it back and pay for it again to get the new delivery (i think)
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they tend to send you the wrong item, and then you gotta pay to ship it back and pay for it again to get the new delivery (i think)

never had that one happen to me....however i've heard similar stories...