Hey, I wanted to get your take on a few song ideas I came up with recently. None of the songs are too long, and all are pretty much works in progress. Two of the songs are solely guitar, the others are backing tracks I made with a synth/drum sequencer that I may add guitar lines too. Feel free to listen and give any advice, praise, criticism, whatever. Oh, and I know I need a metronome. Thanks and enjoy.

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I listened to the "song idea", liked it a fair bit - interesting. Upbeat funks pretty good.

Seperately they don't really classify as songs; why don't you put them together? I think they would all sound good as one.

If "trumpets and stuff" introduced the song, and had soloing and also the ambience song idea intergrated into the track somewhere, then the theme of the track changes with the combination of "song idea" riff with "upbeat funks" as the meat of the song. Of course some soloing/layers would make the whole thing more interesting.

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Song Idea: Right at 0:20, u need to get a bass coming in with some really melodic slapping.

Ambience Idea: iunno if youve ever heard Maggot Brain by Parliment Funk, but it kind of reminds me of it, if you recorded a real devastating solo over it.

And I dont have anything to say about the other 2... sorry.

if you find some time or whatnot, could u give this a crit http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=535143
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Intro to song idea is cool, but you need to take off the effect when the chords come in. That would make it really cool. You should have also kept that part going when the solo kicked in. Obviously, still song ideas in raw form, so it aint nothin' at the moment.

Ah, the reverse guitar as ambient intro. The phaser works pretty cool on the next section. Very promising for some kind of soundtrack type thing. Maybe a little overboard on the reverb on the solo.

I don't know why, but the major bassline isn't doing much for me here in upbeat funk. Also, the one thing goes on for too long. I know you're playing with filters on the keyboard, but it just isn't enough. Probably should have left it at about 30 seconds until you had something else. A fuunky rhythym guitar would be nice also. Lots of cool slides and stuff.

Trumpets and stuff is really cool and laidback. Obviously would be cooler with a real trumpet, but I like the phrasing of the notes.

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i really like the trippy sound of ambience idea, that reverse is pretty cool. the lead part is pretty eerie, its got a real cool feel to it. upbeat funk kinda bored me with the lack of variation, but it could probably play into a full song pretty well. again, i found the trumpets a little bit drawn out, but what youre building off is good. nice work, keep it up.
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