Serioiusly, I've been here for like 5 years under 2 different names, and I hardly ever talk, just read the bullshit people write, and the one time I ****ing say something, the thread gets closed. This is some ****ing gay shit, whatever faggot closed my thread is seriously a ****ing POS, zit faced, shitty guitar playing, internet loving queer. Seriously every single thread I have ever read here has been less interesting than mine, and you know that shit. Go ahead faggot with a small dick, ban me. Then learn how to be a ****ing man and stop sucking ****. I dont give a ****. Shout out to paco! F.U.C.K Y.O.U
I tried to make a signature listing all my gear, but I couldn't for 2 reasons.

1. I couldn't remember all my gear
2. My signature was too long for UG to process.
This thread doesn't help your problem.
I'ma go smoke some more weed.
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Wow. I got this dip**** to put icy-hot on his dick. I completely forgot about this.
What a good thread.