Just after something small, 15w will do, clean channel only I can use pedals for distortion.
I play a mix of things, some soft, then some Gojira etc. so I want a nice range of sounds from this, the other option is VOX AD15VT (Not tube amp, I know) But I hear epiphone valve junior is good ?
Anyways, suggestions on what I should do and what to get ?
My main question is; Will I be able to play heavy metal on those two ? I have a line6 uber metal pedal for distortion.
Oh sorry no you can't these are for everything but metal, you can achieve tones but they wont be the best
Orange Tiny Terrors are great, you should look into them. You'll need a cab with it though but you can do anything with it, practice, gig and record.

And I wouldn't use a digital distortion pedal with a tube amp. It will just kill your tone from your tubes. Maybe look into an OD pedal for distorting a tube amp.

And I do believe the Tiny Terror could do metal with a bit of kick from an OD pedal.
Heh ... Not even with a graphic equalizer and distortion pedal being put through it ? (Boss EQ / Line6 disto)
sure you can play metal through it
it just wont sound as good as through true "metal-amps" (if something like that exists)


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