i went to the music store. you know coz i like live there now

and i tried out the mesa f-30 which was nolonger 70% off
and a used orange ad15 that was going for au$1000

the mesa was ok. hummed like crazy. i didnt get an opportunity to crank it. only played at low volumes so thats porbbaly why the sound was disapointing.

the orange was greatt, coz i did get to crank it. fantastic cleans, alright overdrive.

just way too loud.

whats a suggestion for a tube amp thats 5-10 watts. enough to jam with a drummer but able to show its true potential without making my ears bleed.
i dont think you can jam with a regular drummer with 5-10 tube watts...

thats just what i think...
you could get a "loud" amp - like 30 watts - to jam and get an attenuator for home practice


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Orange Tiny Terror. Switchable 7 - 15W class A tube head. But you need a cab with it. (They sell 1x12 cabs for them now) It has the awesome cleans but not so much gain. Easily loud enough to hear over a drummer. And you can turn it up enough to hear the tube tone without blowing your head off.
hmm this is a pickle.

i want quiet good tones... and brilliant loud beats.. uhh
coz i literally cant play really loud unless theres a drummer or another guitarist. i dunno why. i just cant play properly, i get like self conscious.

what about those amps where u can switch it from like 15 watts to 7 watts. i think the tiny terror can do that, but there not available around here.
The Orange AD15 is a great amp. You should probably suck it up and buy it. So you don't crank it when you're alone? So what?!? Get a quality OD pedal with it to toy around the house.

Judging from the prices I've seen in Austrailia, that's a deal.

And you loved the sound! Just do it!
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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