Poll: What are your views on smoking weed?
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View poll results: What are your views on smoking weed?
Haven't smoked it yet. Never want to.
13 42%
Haven't smoked it yet. But I want to.
7 23%
Have smoked.Hooked on the stuff.
5 16%
Have smoked. Doesn't appeal to me.
6 19%
Voters: 31.
I was just wondering what category most UGers fall into when it comes to smoking weed. I haven't tried it but if the opportunity comes around I'll try it.
What's up?
How many frickin weed threads are we going to have? We should make like an official weed thread or something to shut people up.
i cant find the offical drugs thread, can someone give me a link to it?
^ Stop giving me links to other drug threads. I already know there are at least a billion and I don't care.
What's up?
Quote by bajeda
You have potential to work with the DEA. They can help teach you to make your question even more biased!

hahaha, thats brilliant.

but seriously, the 'hooked on it' is stupid. It is impossible to have a physical addiction.

there needs to be something between that and 'tried it, not for me'