why not rip the power chord, find how many volts the thing ends and wire up some 9v batteries or whatever will give enough power. then connect some wires to the battery?... hmm might work haha
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Why not just buy a portable amp? Most portable amps WILL sound better than that little Squire.
Check out a Smokey Amp, a Pignose 7-100, a Roland Microcube, and a Vox DA-5.

they will cost alot of money that i dont have and i dont busk that much
they will cost alot of money that i dont have and i dont busk that much

Ok, Smokey amps cost what, $35? Even if you did wire up enough batteries to run the amp (which would be a lot btw), it would drain the power ridiculously quickly. That's not including the fact that there would have to be a decent amount of rewiring.
Build a Ruby/Gem/Smokey, the cost for parts couldn't be more than $15.
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yes it can be done quite easily - however if you knew anything about electronics you wouldn't be asking. All you have to do is find the DC power supply output in the amp and wire up some batteries to match that voltage. Down side is that amp sucks alot of current and your batteries wont last long. Let me know when your done and ready to turn it on tho
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