Hey, I'm new to the forums, so first up... hi all!

Moving on, I'm pondering what to buy for a first electric guitar - I have an acoustic which can barely play (buzzes all the time, old and worn down, etc - was passed on to the family, didn't buy it new) at the moment. I'm interested primarily in rock / grunge / hard rock / metal. Now, one of my key problems is... I'm left handed. And, I'm also on a budget. Uni student, and all.

I went down to try an Ibanez at a local store recently, sounded alright - think it was a GRX20, but not entirely sure - stupidly didn't look (I'm a n00b) - but it was priced $450 (Australian dollars). I've seen this left hand version priced a lot lower in Australian a few other places, so, not sure if that's a good buy? Still, it felt fairly light and had a reasonably fast neck and so on, but I don't know enough to tell about the quality of the sound.

Other than that, was wondering about something like this, on eBay:

It's not a brand name I've heard of, and I get the feeling it could well be a shoddy piece of crap - but on the other hand, it might also be decent for a lefty beginner like me, so I figured it'd be worth asking you guys about seeing as most people here'd know more. If it looks alright, well it'll turn out cheaper than the Ibanez and it does look nice - I like the SG look.

Thanks for reading :P
okay from experince, am a lefty too^_^, but umm you wanna go cheap def. go with like a Ibanez, but there not that bad. Nice music taste, but ESP, Jacksons, Gibsons, are too expensive left handed. so either save up for one of those babies or get an Ibanez.
Thanks for the reply . Problem is I wasn't sure if the Ibanez listed is actually too much at that price, if I should keep looking elsewhere for one. Or alternatively, if that one I gave the link to is any good?
Ibanez has quite a few left handed models. Check out their site too see what they have to offer. Another brand is Schecter. They have even more lefties, and are a lot better quality than Ibanez. Ebay is also a great place to look. I picked up a lefty RG470 for $200 last year. The thing was in near mint condition too! Just do some research, look around at different brands, and you'll see there are plenty of left handed models out there that fit your price range.
Thanks for the advice. One problem I have with Schecter is that not too many stores out this way seem to sell them. In some ways I'm hesitant about asking to order in a guitar or buy one which I don't know how it'll sound... but at the same time, don't want to pay an arm and a leg. :P I'm a beginner anyway, so figure right now it won't make a huge difference if the sound is a little off.

Found a lefty Washburn MG-70 on eBay for a good price, though it has a Floyd Rose - not sure if that's a good thing for a beginner or not, given the stories of how much of a pain it is in how long it takes to change strings?
My first guitar was a Schecter C1 Classic. I ordered one without playing it...they didn't have any lefty models at the store, but the salesman played the righty one for me so I could hear it. It's definately up there in price, ($800 for lefty, $750 for righties) but it's well worth it. Once you get used to the neck, it's a joy to play! It'd be a guitar that will keep up with you as you get better and better.

As for the FR and changing the strings...let someone else do it! I don't have the time to mess around with that, so I just take it to my local guitar store and let them do it for me!
i want a schecter c1 hellraiser, but for now i have an epiphone les paul special II, i hope i can get a job soon lol. as for string changing, i use ernie ball power slinkys 11-48 for my epiphone les paul special II, i do it myself so yeh.
I considered a Les Paul Special II first up - was the only left handed guitar there at one of the places I went to - but it's too heavy for my liking really. Yep, I'm weak. ;p And... damn that C1 Classic looks nice. Almost looks like a PRS. :P Only problem is, $800 works out to be a bit over $1000 Australian. I'm greatly considering buying a dodgy el cheapo Strat or something like that via eBay though to get a feel for an electric, and save for at least a basic C-1... which'd be around $750-900 AU I'm guessing, factoring in left handed model, ordering etc. They really do look nice.
Schecter does have cheaper lefty models as well. All of their Blackjack models come in left hand. There's also the PT, Omen, & Damien. Those are around $500-600 US.
Looking at an Australian online store a lefty Omen-6 is put around $750. So, looks like the plan tonight is to grab one of these under $100 AUD Strats or Les Pauls off of eBay for mucking around on, and save up. I won't be expecting anything much at all from the el cheapo... long as it plays and can actually be put into tune, it's all good. Thanks for the help .