any of you guys here got kustoms? was thinking about the 12tube, arrow16dfx and 35dfx dual. well i might be getting a practice/small gig amp pretty soon and was thinking about the kustom. personaly ive only tried the arrow, and it seemed pretty decent. the manual gave directions for types of tones which worked pretty well. there's only a review for the arrow 16 here and none for the 12tube and 35dfx dual. so im turning to you guys who might own or tried it before for reviews. anybody got any of em?

You know they rock.
Um I have a DFX10? I use it for practice sometimes and band practice, its alright gets the job done and i've owned it over a year so I know how to get the right sounds out of it. Compared to my DSL401 however, it sounds like a horse taking a shit.