guys I'm moding my vintage n2 washburn.

I'm completely re-wiring the guitar.

it's got 2 humbuckers, 1 volume knob and a 3-way pick-up selector.

I need advice on the following points:

1: does anyone have any diagrams for this pickup/volume/switch configuration?

2: should I be sanding the body back, or does that deminish the vintage aspect of the guitar? can I sand the backside of the neck also? or do i strictly leave the neck?

3: with peripherals such as the tremolo and the locking nut, should I replace or keep vintage parts even if they are a bit scrappy?

4: NECK - do I need to have the neck repositioned or re-aligned orcalibrated, not sure what it's call so that the action is right? the neck is a HUGE issue for me. I want to make sure that on top of looking shit hot that it plays shit hot, so obviously the neck action is important, and advice regarding would be much appreciated.

5: with things such as the volume pot and the switch, should I buy branded gear, or is generick stuff gd enough? can I buy gd washburn stuff in terms of volume knobs and selectors?

your help is much appreciated guys, this giutar is really important to me, can't believe I found a vintage nuno!
even if you're not a fan of the guitar itself, help would be appreciated!
1. try some dimarzio's or seymour duncans. use quality parts.
2. leave the finish IMO, looks cool.you can sand the neck, but do it lightly.
3. replace with an OFR if i were you, and set it up for the lowest possible action thats comfortable to you
4. you may need to adjust the truss rod. for the bow.
lefty loosey, righty tighty.
look down the fretboard from the headstock, it should have a slight backbow.
5. use dimarzio, schaller, cts etc. parts. good quality parts make a big diff.
thanks for that! much appreciated. anyone know an australian guitar parts dealer that is online?
the body is alder. I play funk metal. so extreme to pantera (early days like cowboys...) harder hair metal like skidrow, but also instrumental too. love the sound of EJ but dont like strats a whole lot tbh, great guitars but not my cup of tea etc...

lso, why is an official floyd rose trem better than a manufacturer such as washburn or ibanez etc...?
Keep the original parts, whatever you do. Also, consider putting in a kahler.
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