I was wondering can you lower the bridge on a Bronze Warlock since I'm stuck with it until I get some more money. Everybody I ask says that they wouldn't recommend me to do that. Please help!
Careful; people here are too hasty to tell people to mess about with others guitars as it has little concequence.

If you aren't 100% sure what you are doing get guidence.
what type of bridge is it, tuneomatic or trem? and dyou mean lowering the action?
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^i think that's a TOM and he just means lowering the action.

detune a little. loosen the two top screws. one on each bridge post. (it's the one with the saddles on it) then adjust the action, (string height) to where u want it by raising and lowering the thumbscrews. they are pointed to by the red arrows.

then tighten it all up again. u might need to adjust it a couple of times, because ull want it low, but too low can give u some fret buzz.

phil's pic.

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