I recently played a fender highway 1 jazz bass at a guitar store, and I really liked it.
my question is: are the differences between the highway 1 and the american jazz bass huge? will I even notice if i'd play them both? (they didn't have the american j bass at that store).
My second question is: what do you think about hartke amps?
Does anyone own/played a Hartke A70?
edit: P.S: The amp is for home use. It's not for gigs.
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The highway 1 has a nitro finish as opposed to the americans having polly finishes (i think that is right, i may have got them mixed up). The nitro finish ages better and supposedly lets the real one of the wood shine through more. The highway 1's also come with a badass II bridge which is much better than a stock fender bridge that comes on the american. The americans have the S-1 switching system which allows many more tonal variations and the highway 1s dont have that. The highways also have 70's styling. And hartke amps are good
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