Right my Ug profile has totally ****ed up on me. i looged in about an hour ago it was working fine.
i log in now, it sez ive submitted no tabs at all, although i have actually submitted 23.
WTF has happenend?
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Are you sure you were logged in when you submitted the tabs? That's usually the problem that everyone else who asks that question has...
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When you submit a tab there is always a waiting time for the admins to Accept or deny your tab, and ofcourse there is the "Pending" status in which your tabs havent yet been looked at or they are processed.
Go check at your account , there should be your tabs there and their current status, if there are no tabs there it probably means that you didnt submitted them with this account or you made a mistake on the process of submitting them OR there is a problem with the site and they will fix it eventually..
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