i have an epiphone les paul custom, i changer the pick ups to sd alnico 2 about 5 months ago and everything was fine until the other day, i now get a loss in sound sometimes on the treble pick up, the sound just fades out, a few bangs on the guitar and it comes back on, it doesnt do it all the time though, iv checked all the wires and they seem to be secure enough, i changed the pickups myself but i had never use a solder iron before but it seemed easy enough
does anyone have any idea what this problem could be? i would rather be able to sort it myself than take it to a shop
I would get a friend who knows how to use a soldering iron to re solder everything.

Just an interesting fact here - around 80% of all electrical faults are connection problems.
Take the cover off the back for the selector, get some fine wet and dry sand paper than fold it in half and just sand between the contacts on the switch. Might sort it.