sorry, i had no idea where else to post it here, so sorry about that. (dont flame me please )

some of you may remember my thread 'rccomendations for a little brother' and i really started to like the idea of him might be starting drumming.

since i know nothing about drums, i'm hoping some of you can help me get some answers to some questions.

so, since we live in an apartement, i need something silent, so how would this be for practicing at home most of the time :

by the way, what are studio drumkits? they're cheaper...are they quieter or something?

http://www.thomann.de/gb/millenium_mx220_black_drumset.htm (i know this is really cheap/not good quality, but he's on budget, and since he's 11, this will do for a first kit)

any other suggestions?
seriously, guitar gear and accesories??? anything else would have been more relevant than here!

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for something quiter he can play with feather stick and you can pad the bass drum. a freind of mine does it and its not too quiet but you can hear it still
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can someone tell me whats the difference between a standard and a studio drumkit?
one is a studio and one is a standard. O_o

Try and search "Matchetts Music" on google. They're selling small, 9-piece drum sets for kids at only £119.99. Not too dear for a 9-piece. I've just got home from buying my little brother one. Great set. It's my local shop by the way!
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^ ah...but i dont know if they will ship to me/how much that will cost me

arent studio drumkits perhaps quieter or something? because they're used for recording or soemthing?
I think you're thinking about a traveling drum set: http://media.zzounds.com/media/feed/large/PEART705C31.jpg

And no, they're not really any quieter than a regular set. I'd say your best bet would be an electric set, but those are pretty expensive. Apartments aren't the right place for drums. Is there somewhere he can put the set where it doesn't bother people? ie..local church, neighbor/friend's house, garage, etc?

If he absolutely has to have an acoustic set, I would suggest looking at Musician's Friend to see what they have to offer. Don't go for a no-name brand, because it'll just turn him off of playing. There are cheap known brands that are great for beginners. 20yrs ago, I started out with a CB set, (cheaper version of a Pearl) and that thing was great! I think they still make them. Other cheaper brands would be Mapex, Pacific, Pulse, and Sonor.

If you've got the $$, go with the big 3: Pearl, Tama, & Yamaha. There's also Ludwig, Gretsch, and the best brand out there DW. But, check them all out, as they all have cheaper models aimed at beginners.

As far as soundproofing, I think the cheapest way would be putting up moving mats (you can usually buy them from a Uhaul place) on all the walls, floor & ceiling. (if possible) You have to cover every window and door too. That's where the majority of sound leaks out. BUt I would seriously consider putting the set somewhere where it won't bother people. I love playing drums, but I don't want to hear some kid banging on it for 3hrs a day next door, and I'm sure you're neighbors won't be as forgiving as me!
^drums dont neccessarily need to be played loudly.

still, what the heck are feather sticks? the brushes?
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^drums dont neccessarily need to be played loudly.

still, what the heck are feather sticks? the brushes?

Take it from someone who's played for over 24yrs...you can't learn drums by tapping lightly.

These are feather sticks: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feather_stick

Something I use when I go camping, not drumming!

Brushes are used for jazz-type playing, or cocktail/club music. It will play quieter than regular sticks, but doesn't give you the same sound as a regular stick. Maybe look at sticks with rubber grips on them. They'll play a little quieter, but will still give you pretty much the same sound. There's always drum pads as well.
Check out this site: http://www.vicfirth.com/
I've used them from day one, and they've never failed me!