I'm not a huge Blur or Gorillaz fan, but I love Paul Simonon's work and I love Fela Kuti so I decided to pick up the album, and its a great, layered, textured, dub infused bit of work. Any other fans?
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I saw them live on the BBC a few weeks ago and it didn't make me like it that much. But I didn't watch it for long enough and after hearing so many positive reviews for it, maybe I should check it out.
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I'm seriously considering picking up their debut. I've heard great things about it.
My small group leader, put it on while we were all talking, and I just got him to tell me the name of the band tonight...
gotta say,
I love it
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It is a good CD, but whilst listening to it you've got to try and not think that it's made by the people who were involved because it's good, but not great.
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I'm in with the "ignore the hype" crew,. I thought it was a great CD. It just had too much to live up to.
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