Hello, my name is Beren. I am looking to buy a new bass and a pedal to clean up my sound a bit and add a little distortion on occasion. I am currently looking at getting a BC Rich Heritage Classic Mockingbird for bass, and an MXR M-80 pedal. I mostly play rock songs but I really enjoy the full and heavy sound of metal. I was just curious if any bass experts out there had any advice on whether or not these are good choices and if not maybe a suggestion in another direction would be appreciated. I have been playing for about six months now and currently own an Ibanez AB10 acoustic/electric and a Hamer "Slammer" electric. I am using a Guitar Research GR60B Bass amp for sound.

I am hoping to get something that will really last me a while and will be good enough to play gigs etc. so I am willing to jump a bit more in price if need be. I just want to know that I will have a quality setup once all is said and done. Thanks in advance for any feedback you folks may have.