Hello all,this is my 1st post here.Seems like a sweet community.
Up here for evaluation was a cover song i did by Taproot called Poem.

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated..and if anyones willing to add lyrics,id be willing to retrack some of my mistakes! THANKS!

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sounds pretty good to me
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Just out of interest. what drums are you using?

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Thanks for the replies!
that was badass man, drumloop or real drums, what do you record with
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NIce, some parts seemed a little shaky, overall pretty good
I did a cover back in the day, i thought mine was decent. Take a look
Glad to see some more taproot fans out there

not too shabby man! If ya want, i could send you a mp3 of the drums to poem if ya'd like!

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that was badass man, drumloop or real drums, what do you record with

there sampled unfortunatly triggered by midi into cubase. Thanks for the comments!
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^ Thanks though! I really don't need em, i just did it for fun, i was gonna do an online taproot cover band w/ some mates for taprootmusic.com , but it never panned out. Are you a taproot fan yourself? I really dig there stuff. Any who, keep on rockin' man
Nice cover man, very solid.

Not much to crit at all.

Well done.

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nice. the guitar could have used a little more balls, but thats not the biggest thing in the world. All the riffs seemed damn perfect! Good job!