Anyone one have some recommendations for some country songs for a beginner -

Lookin for something easy, i can woo the wife with - ACDC on my electric isnt doing it.


tom petty's- last dance with mary jane
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That's about it.
How about a lot of Eagles stuff - Peaceful Easy Feeling comes to mind - really easy song to play. Take it Easy is also (ahem) easy.....
Thanks guys -

I was thinking more modern country though - dierks bentley, brad paisley -

thx again
stay away from brad paisley or garth brooks.... both are in all actuality pretty good guitarists and difficult for a beginner to get usually.... but dierks bentley (come a little closer) is a very easy song to play and sing... rascal flatts (what hurts the most) is also pretty simple.... actually just think of your favorite songs and look up the tabs, most country is basic chord progressions so it shouldn't be too hard to play any of it... good luck wooing the wife...
^-- brad paisley and garth brooks are definitely both very talented guitarists, but you don't necessarily have to stay away from their music if you are a beginner. one of the great things about alot of country music is that it lends itself nicely to just playing the basic chord progressions of the songs. check out http://www.countrytabs.com for a great resource for country music guitar chords. you can take a song that has alot of complex guitar work by the celebrity performer and look up just the chord progression. take the chord progression and add some vocals and you're good to go. if you're looking for artsits, some of my favorites are:

george strait
keith urban
dierks bentley
clay walker
brooks n dunn
brad paisley
kenny chesney
garth brooks
clint black
mark chessnutt
alan jackson
rascal flatts
joe diffie
toby keith
I wouldnt try any brooks and dunn songs, they are also very good especially the black haired one, i forgot his name but he is really good.
If you watch the music video for Settle For a Slowdown by Dierks Bentley, it looks like a fairly simple song and strumming pattern. Not sure if that song has a message that fits your situation, but if you're not worried about that then go for it.
Here's a tip. If you hear a song that you like and sounds easy, perform a search on your computer for it. Type in the song name, then chords. Like this:
"A country boy can survive" (chords).
Then if there are any websites that show the chords, they'll come up. Some will be for chords/lyrics that they want to sell. But there are almost always free websites too.
BTW: "A Country Boy Can Survive" is:
D-Am-G-D . The fills are pretty easy to figure out. Throw in an F in the chorus.
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can anyone help me usin gp5 ?! i dono why the tabs ain in numbers i mean like
and whateva, can anybody help me?!!! please!