Does anyone know when it comes out? Or have at least heard about it.
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What si this? An amp? A guitar? What... Probably not a guitar so I'm supposing amp...

Anyone seen his new Deans? They're niiiiiice.

read it^

Quote from the link: Dave Mustaine – Megadeth: We’re currently developing an amp with Megadeth guitarist and frontman Dave Mustaine. He was looking for a way to make a single amp that could do what his old previous amp-and-effects rig could do. This single amp has four of his favorite sounds, from clean to our insane high-gain sound, plus effects including delays that can spill over from patch to patch. This will all be built into a racked amp head that he can take on tour

Digital amps why?? I hate my cheap multi fx zoom. Its so digital. How can a digital amp be like daves old tube amps?
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i dont really see how thats gonna be very good, all of line 6's amps are pretty bad from what iv experienced/heard

Not entirely true. The Vettas are actually pretty good, but for the same price you could get a pretty awesome tube amp anyway. The Flextones aren't bad either, there's just better amps for the money.
That being said, a line6 will never sound as good as a tube.
It might not be that bad, but yeah.
Any company is capable of making quality. Line 6 just happens to sacrafice quality of tone for low price, high accessability, and user friendliness. This new Mustaine will be expensive, but I think it will be a good amp.

I do find it hard to believe that he is using Line 6 though. But thats what it says on the site... "Line 6 Dave Mustaine Signature amp beta models"

Glen Drover also switched to Dean. The new Mustaine model is badass and its probably the only signature guitar I would ever consider buying. And it doesnt have a retarded looking headstock...god I hate those things.