Well, after reading some threads in the pit, I saw that some people got annoyed when people use their Floyd Roses wrong. My next guitar has one, and I don't want to use it wrong or break strings or something.
Well, I don't have one, but from what I've gathered here, you can definitely set it up wrong, or **** it up if you mess with the screws and such. If you don't know for sure what you're doing it'd be best to have it set up by someone who does.
erm u cant really use it wrong, just badly....like you can't play the guitar wrong you just get people who suck. Obviously some styles will make some people irritated and other people will love it, you just gotta not be a dick with it basically.
it's like the other dude said, as long as the floyd's set up well, you can dive bomb to your hearts content (mindfull of the strings of course xD) so if you don't know how to set it up fine yourself then get it done by somebody who know.

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I haven't seen the threads in the pit that you are talking about, but chances are their talking about abusing the whammy bar and making it sound like crap, not setting it up incorrectly or anything like that. It is quite annoying watching youtube videos of people who are always using the whammy bar and generally making it sound like crap.
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Overuse of any tremolo sounds bad, so I guess that'd constitute using it wrong...

To be honest, the tremolo is best used as an accent or as some outlandish intro or something.
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