Yesterday my low E-string was broken so I went to the store to get a new one.Since I didn't know anything what 'size' (0.42,etc..) the 'broken' string was ,the guy from the shop gave me a string that should be right. It was the first time that I had to restring my guitar myself. But when I play it my string hits the frets all the time wich produces a buzzing sound.It's very annoying. Is it something I could've done wrong or is it because the size is wrong?(Its size 0.42 and I just use it for standard and drop D tuning) I don't know what to do I hope you understand what I mean because my english isn't perfect since I'm from Belgium...
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It might be that the string is still loose. So when you hit it in drop D, it wigles a lot more then it should. Just keep tugging on it, and tuning back up, it will make it easier. That, or the intonation could've been messed up while changing them, I think it might of happened to me too (I just changed mine for the 1st time myself yesterday). Either that, or the intonation or action isn't set for a different size string.
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With tuning it higher it doesn't really solve the problem. What do you mean by intonation? Since my english isn't that well...
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