Hey! Last night, i went out in my front garden to look at the lunar eclipse (as you all know i can see about 2 million threads on it already) but i thougth to myself, i wish i was older when it was the SOLAR eclipse because that was too cool!! Yet i was only 9 years old and i'd appreciate it alot more now.

heres an amazing video of the 1999 solar eclipse


So i have 3 questions:

1) When is the next one and will it be in my lifetime?

2) Do you know anyone who didnt know about the solar eclipse and shit themselves as a result of the sun disappearing? (because that would kick arse!)

3) Did anyone look directly at it in 1999? i did because im cool like that, just glances though. Was sweet
it won't be in your lifetime
i really really hope someone did
no it was bloody cloudy where i was!!
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i didnt get to see it!
damn clouds
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The sky was completely covered in clouds where I was so I had to watch it on television. I remember literally thousands of people on a beach taking photos of it, which rather spoilt the effect because there was incessant flashing.
According to wikipedia and other sources, there will be one this year, and the next total one will be in 2008.
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what is a lunar eclipse?

i know what a solar one is, but not a lunar

Are you british? If so had you looked up last night at about 20 to eleven, you wouldve seen one red moon!

Basically its like a solar eclipse but less cool, the moon is 'behind the earth' so to speak, in relation to the sun. So the earth shadow moved across the moon and made it dark red.

Great isnt it
i remember that! i was in kindergarten, but they didnt allow us to watch cuz we could go blind or something
Quote by blynd_snyper
what is a lunar eclipse?

i know what a solar one is, but not a lunar

The moon passes behind the Earth so the sun doesn't shine on it directly. You end up with this.

There are two partial solar eclipses this year, one in March and one in September. The next total solar eclipse is supposed to be in August of next year.
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