As you can tell, I am really x10^56 bored. My basketball game was cancelled
But that isnt important. Anyway...

The titles pretty self explanatory. Put it in thus format:



Heres mine. One of many invented with the most random person in the world.
Name: Hexagon-Man

Power: The ability to turn Squares into Hexagons

Story: Not much is known about Hexagon-Man. The only confirmed detail is that his powers were the result of a freak accident involving a cheesegrater, a hairdryer, and a tin of Heinz baked beans.

I apologize if the lameness of this offended you in any way.
Name: PenisMan

Power: Ability to emit yellow fluid.
Ability to emit white fluid, but only when he sees VaginaWoman or is rubbed.

Story: Penisman used to be a regular guy. Then he was jacking off one day and his penis engulfed him and now he is one giant penis, his sidekick, ViagraMan helps him when he is in danger. A year later he met his arch enemy and rival, ScissorsMan. He has been running ever since...
Name: Condiment Man

Power: The ability to turn any disgusting, filthy, excuse for food into a delicious, orgasm in your mouth.

Story: After being beaten in "Iron Chef America" by this pedo,

He dedicated his whole life to the possibility of making any of his terrible creations into masterpieces. And in doing so he injected himself with every condiment known to mankind, ketchup, mustard, relish, he should be called hotdog man if you ask me.
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Name: GAYTHREAD MAN (aka umop-3p!sdn)

Power: Make Gay THreads

Story: He joined UG and made gay threads.
Name:Jinks (no not the pokemon)
Power: acts foolish and his clumsiness eventually leads to the villian's downfall
Story: accidentlly fell into a coffe table and thought he was given the ability to be Super whata foo

Name: Dusty fields
Power: able to pull his lip over his head
Story: Dusty was the result of a farmer, a goat, and vincent745. His arch-nemisis, Yngwie Malmsteen, has been trying to eat him for years.
Name: Doctor Dinguss

Power: The ability to change towns and cities into rural farm lands.

Story: Used to be a high power business man until one day he was captured by an old sage farmer who made him change his ways and protect the country for ever.
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Name: Bestiality Boy
Power: has sex with goats.
Story: ...he had sex with a barnyard animal, and some guy yelled it out at a Stephen Lynch concert that happened to be being taped.
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Name: Porn Boy

Power: Able to get into any porn website for free.

Backstory: One day whilst surfing the internets for some Uber Porns, he came upon a website that gave him the powers he has today.
Name: Guitar Dude
Power: Ability to Rock the Socks off anyone
Story: Was bitten by a radioactive guitar at guitar convention and taught in his way of life by Jimi Hendrix.
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Name: Porn Boy

Power: Able to get into any porn website for free.

Backstory: One day whilst surfing the internets for some Uber Porns, he came upon a website that gave him the powers he has today.

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Name: GAYTHREAD MAN (aka umop-3p!sdn)

Power: Make Gay THreads

Story: He joined UG and made gay threads.

Name: I_4/\/\_1337lolololomfgbbq!!!!111!!!

Power: Unable to type properly, makes absolutely no contribution to anything whatsoever due to mental handicap, as well as impotence.

Story: Acquiring his powers due to the fact that his sister is also his brother and mother, he made good use of his powers through living in a trailer, living off roadkill and squirrels. His hobbies, apart from looking at cartoon porn and masturbating over pictures of 70 year olds, include staring at a computer screen all day, playing MMORPGs, and generally being g4y!!!111!lololol
And Meltman, with the power to...uh...melt.

Name: Dude Man He-Guy

Power: Has the incredible strength to rip a phone book in half, but nothing else really. Looks impressive at bar fights.

Story: Dude Man He-Guy was born Fletch Graves in Spokane, Washington. One morning he had discovered his car had been towed from the curb for a parking violation involving parking to close to a fire lane. The tow truck left no contact number, so he called every tow truck listing in the Spokane area. When that failed, he called the Spokane Police Department and they ran a search on his car: Plate number 34YQK2, 92 Ford Taurus. They sai dit was at Crazy Sandy's Crazy Towing. He called Crazy Sandy's but alas, they were closed. Infuriated, he called the Police Department again and asked when Crazy Sandy's would be open again. The police told Fletch that Sandy's was closed for Labor Day as well, so it was a three day weekend. Fletch became so infuriated that he ripped the phone book in half......and he never looked back. He became a mere shell of a person. He became....Dude Man He-Guy!

Woman: "Help! My baby is in that building and it's on fire!"

Dude Man He-Guy: "Don't worry, ma'am, I'll save the day!"

*Pulls out phone book and rips it*

Dude Man He-Guy: "There ya go!"

Woman: "But you didn't do anything! My baby's still up there!"

Dude Man He-Guy: "Yep...right in half. So long!"
Poor advice.
Name: Barnicus Buckletree

Power: Ultimate foosball skills, ability to spin at the speed of light.

Story: Barnicus Buckletree was born in the Wronx, New York City, USA, he is said to be the long lost cousin of Agustus Uter whom is a world renown foosball forward and excellent spelunker. Barnicus Buckletree had a rough life, his dad, Patricles Buckletree, left his family when Barnicus was only four years old, from then on, Barnicus' mother was a bitch. Barnicus used to beat his mom when she wouldn't shut up, once he pulled a plastic butter knife on her, a very frightening thought, but stuff like this was occasional at the Buckletree house.

Yeah....I made up a foosball team and have some stories on some of the players....
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Name: GAYTHREAD MAN (aka umop-3p!sdn)

Power: Make Gay THreads

Story: He joined UG and made gay threads.

Better than any thread you could make.
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Name: JamHead
Power: Getting stoned at Phish concerts
Story: Acid freak thinks he's a superhero and accidently solves homocide cases
well this is actually a true story..one time my cousin and i had some fun perty much crashing a halloween costume party and i went up on stage with a blanket wrapped around me and im like "IM IMAGRATION DUDE!!!" and then my cousin pussied out but he was my trusty sidekick "El Mexicano WHITE GUY"



Disclaimer: THis is for fun..not ment to be offensive
Name: The DK Master

Power: Amazing at guitar *Best in the world*

Story: The DK Master grew up iN Newcastle, and took up guitar near his 13th birthday. He has prevented many guitarists from recking the music industry, such as Kirk Hammet with the over use of wah wah, and Yngwie Malmsteen's wankage of the harmonic minor scale. The DK Master can play any style of guitar, but prefers Hard Rock.

Name: Spark(other alies include Don Johnson,Michael Monro and Jason Jason).

Abilty: To control elctricty,send thunder bolts,a generator,and charge metalic objects with electricity(thats why he oftenly uses two GlodenEagles).

Story: He discovered his powers in an early age and started to work on them and train himself,at first he used the powers to get rid if the bullies that beated him,but eventually learned to use his powers for a good reason.
He left home when he was 18,bought a Dodge Charger and started to cruise around the US to check what's going on.
After a string of weird coincidenses he became a part of the Teen Titans team.
name: pubic boy

powers: wears his technicolour coat of pubes

story: pubic boy has hated all people since birth, and sneaks into peoples houses at night, laying small presents of pubic hair to make the family members feel embarrassed and uncomfortable when they are unearthed.
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Name: Trouser press man

Power: The uncanny abillity to press ones trousers in the nick of time if such ocassion where to arise

Story: One day... a man, trousers, a legend is born, a legacy to follow
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Name: pebbly beach man

power: the ability to turn pebbly beaches into sandy beaches

story: one day pabbly beach man was walking along a pebbly beach and he disliked it. so he commanded: "pebbly beach: be gone!" and the pebbly beach turned into a sandy beach. he can also change them back by saying "pebbly beach, return!"
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name: ebola man

power: can bleed from any orface on command

story: ebola man was raised in the plains of Africa. His mother was plagued with AIDS and his father was actually an orangutang. ebola man mysteriously gained his powers after having unprotected sex with little children and small mammals.
Name: Extremely Overly Dramatic Man
Power: To run in slow motion at really bad times
Story: One day Extremely Overly Dramatic man and his sidekick Obeseity Boy were in a building about to explode when Extremely Overly Dramatic Man began to run really slowley
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Name: Coat-Hanger Man
Powers: Can throw coat-hangers like boomerangs at incredible speeds at bad guys. Also can hang up coats with incredible skill.
Story: Born Jamie Westfield in Birmingham, UK in 1987, young Jamie was born with an obsession with coat-hangers. After an unfortunate incident with a coat-hanger and a barrel of depleted North Korean Uranium, Jamie developed a skill that turned his arms into SUPER POWERFUL COATHANGERS! His arch-nemisis, Oak-Fitted Wardrobe Man, plans to destroy Coat-Hanger Man with cheap IKEA FLAT-PACK WARDROBES! Will Coat-Hanger man stop the evil bastard Oak-Fitted Wardrobe Man? Only time will tell...
Name: Runaway From Danger Man
Power: The ability to runaway from danger
Story: Runaway From Danger Man is very afraid of danger. The reason is unknown as why in fact he became a superhero in the first place. Every time anyone tries to ask him he runs away.
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Name: Hemp man

Power: to make the enamy so relaxed and happy that they dont do the badguy thing

Story: one day he got high and ate a cannibis seed and some mud, and washed it all down with some fetilliser. needless to say that three months later he gained incredible powers...
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Name: Mr. Amputee

Powers: He has several-
The ability to make small children laugh and cry due to his silly yet frightening appearance.
The ability to break dance really well due to lack of appendages.
The ability to tenaciously nub his foes and cause a minor nuisance.
The ability to fit in really small crevaces. However, he has a problem getting out.

Story: As a child, Mr. Amputee challenged his father's ban saw to fist-i-cuffs. Needless to say, Mr. Amputee lost in brootal, yet epic battle.