you know what a jean boner is? when you dont have a boner but the zipper on your jeans sticks out making it look like you have one. yeah. does anyone know how to get rid of these cause it ****ing annoying
Why is it annoying...? I kinda like having women stare at my crotch all the time.
I hate those!!! But if people stare just say, "It's not a boner, I have proof."
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Lol, I describe it as an "It looks like a 2 incher"
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I think if that's how big your boner is you might have problems....
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wat song is it lol satriani??

Don't disgrace Satriani like that.
when people ask.. puch it down it should be easy.. unless you hav eone
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Yes i am
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would it be a better idea to capitalize on that?
like, make it look bigger?
lol, just an idea
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make loud howling noises and throw your feces at them whenever they bring it up, I suggest that your GF does the same.
i know what you mean its people with a 2 incher that think its a boner
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anyone seen the first curb your enthusiasm episode? episode 1 season 1. Genius.
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wouldn't it be awesome if you pulled a girls panties off and she smelled like cake?

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Ah man i HATE that too!! Then you try and push it down... but to no avail - infact this makes people think you have a boner and you are fondeling it

Theres one thing worse than jean boners - real boners.

I mean in bad situations! EG getting up the wright on the board at class, or in PE.

I used to get those when I was like... 6.

Maybe your pants just fit weird?
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i dont really get those anymore, wear slightly tighter pants, or just wear them alot so the fabric becomes looser and what not
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I pull my pants down like a little bit to flatten it out...
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Yerr, 'tis quite irritating, especially since it makes you like you've got a "one-inch warrior".

Although getting a REAL boner is worse, especially if you're wearing tight pants, or in an awkward situation... they're almost IMPOSSIBLE to conceal sometimes, and if you're in a class, it always seems to happen just before you're invited to stand up and read or write on the board or w/e...

and ofcourse, there's the fact that you can't beat one out, and have to wait to get home
whenever my firends used to see them they'd shout "Foner!" really loud, as in fake-boner = foner, yeah it was a good time
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