This is a new peice, just finished, and the first one I've posted in a while. C4C of course, and criticisms are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. Also, the title is a play on Tegan and Sara's "I know, I know, I know", which is the subject of the song's favorite song at the moment. I'm most likely going to edit this peice at one point or another.

"I don't know, I don't know, I don't know."

There's a good hundred houses in sub suburbia,
Where we both live and I tell you "I love you".
And I wasn't sure that I did but I guess that I might,
And the city is asking If I'll sleep tonight.

Between Christmas in Maine and cards that you wrote me,
And the lies that I told just to see you happy.
Thought that's what I wanted, is this how you'll get there?
Maybe I don't want to see you happy with him?

You say that you love him so much and I'm crying,
Yeah, alone in my room, I cry like a baby.
Remember the time you joked you were leaving?
You told me you were going off to New Jersey.

Between eating disorders and alcoholism,
My timing is flawed in this fixed position.
Remember that time that I gave you flowers?
We sat on the floor in your room and just talked for hours.

For some reason I hate the order of this song.
And almost every line I write's in rythm, but it's still all wrong.
And I know that I'll never say what I want to.
My song's run on too long for me to tell you.

There's a good 7 miles between my house and yours,
Between cars, and lights, and the boy you adore.
I guess I'll walk past you, and see if you smile.
I haven't made you do that in a while.
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A little too emo soundin for me, but well written.
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
I liked this. It kind of reminded me of Brand New (except not as good, no offense). I think this could make for a really great acoustic song. Does sound emo indeed, but not neccesarily a bad thing...