“Lately I’ve been thinkin just what I should do
Constantly hearin my girlfriend say I love you
And I say I wonder if you really do
Because every time I ask why she gives me a look as if to say screw you

So I’ll jump in bed and wait for her to come to me
Which you know she’s guaranteed to do
And as I lay there dying, sometimes I am crying
She’ll come and revive me, told you it was a guarantee

Then the next day we’ll wake up and she’ll disappear
And I’ll still be sittin right here
I’ve got a pen and a notebook but it only goes so far
So after awhile I make a break for my car

As I’m drivin along I see a lot of people
And I always just guess that they too
Are bored and have absolutely nothing to do
So I park my car and stare into the sun, hopin to find my answer, but never see one

On the way back home I almost constantly have a song playin
Smokin a cigarette wishin this was done
But it never is and it never will be
Until I find the person that will call me their only one

Pull into my driveway throw my keys away
Hop into the shower and sing a simple song that’s usually pretty deep
Get back to my room and remember why I’m here
Spend the next six hours just tryin to sleep

And as I fall asleep I’ve dreamin of the summer sun
The smell, the wind, the cheerful smiles of everyone
Then I remember that it’s winter and the summers done
Oh yeah, it’s done.. it’s done

So I pack my bags and am ready to go
Only to remember I still have six months till I’m gone
Puffin another cigarette, I think back to all the fun
And wonder why I’m in such a rush to be done

Time to call my buddies
Which I’ve lost a lot of, but it doesn’t matter anymore
Tell em let’s get a packi run
And drink till we see the morning sun

And the next morning we wake up remembering that were all still here
Again just left to ask why as I drop a tear
Get another cigarette, ready to have some fun
Then I remember this town has nothing and no one

In my car again
I’ve decided it’s time for this to end
With a cigarette in my hand
I drive around the bend, never to be seen again

Oh, I guess it was a beautiful end
Yeah, it was a beautiful end
You’ll never see me again
Don’t worry this is the end

I was absent for awhile, too busy to write. Well, that's in the past. The pen has been getting pushed to great lengths lately. This is a piece I wrote that stood above the rest for me. Please tell me what you think. Crit for crit <3
The times they are a changin'.....