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I got new Humbuckers of Seymour Duncon. The SH-2 und SH-4. My Guitar is a Ibanez SZ-520. I tried to build in those Pickups but i got Problems. When i put all Wires at the Positions that were shown by the sketch (available on the website) the JH-4 didn't work how he used to. Very low Output and the Potis didn't work as they should. The Pictures shows how it look inside. I really really hope u can help me, because i'm trying to fix it since some days and don't get any good result

Greetings, Hollow

P.S.: i'm german, so pls no comments to any word or grammarfault
I think it may be because of the switch on 520. It's a very confusing switch. You can go to a local guitar store and pick up a Les Paul style 3-way switch. It shouldn't be overly expensive.

By the way, was this the diagram? http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/schematics/2h_2v_1t_3w.html
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I don't know if I can help it.

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Yes, right. That was the digram. It's confusing me, because in no diagramm is the little "box" with the 12 pins that is in my guitar. Is that the 3-way system? How much does a LP System cost? I mean it would be better if there is someone who knows how to do it with my system ;p God, i was so happy because of my new Pickups and now...shit ;(
You could wire it without the switch, just have the two volumes and the tone controls, like on a Fender J-Bass.

A three way switch will cost about 12 US dollars, or about 10 euros.

Here is a jazz bass diagram. The colour code will be off, but I'll break it down for you.

White (in the diagram) = Your black.
Diagram's black = Your green and bare wires.
You'll need to tape the red and white wires together, as well.

Do you have any other questions?
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I don't know if I can help it.

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4sak, I'm looking at that switch and thinking it won't work. You're sending the black and the green from the neck pickup to the same pole on the switch.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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Hm, it does look odd...I just translated the color coding on the assumption that this Ibanez pickup was color coded like a Dimarzio pickup, like many of them are. It worked that time. I didn't even look at where the wiring was going, mostly because I don't know anything about a...4PDT switch? I think that's what that is. Never used one.

Here's the original.
No no, it already works Both Humbucker work with fill Output. The Volume and Tone work, too. God, a big thank you goes out to you guys
Yeah i know, but the pickups are damn good and the best thing is, that the the ton poti is now a little wah wah if u turn it to the one side u got a crystal clear sound and on the other side it sounds a little bit dulli(?). Don't know if i used the right word I mean, veeeery deep bass and nearly no high tones.
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I have an Ibanez 520SZ...factory stock. Love the feel, love the mahogany tone except for when the 3-way switch is set to middle....mud is a word that comes to mind. This is, if I see things correctly, because it is wired in series, not parallel. I am considering several options list below. I would really appreciate any and all feedback on any or all of my options. Thank you in advance.
1) Change the 2 Vol/1 Tone set-up to a 1 Master Vol/2 Tone set-up.
2) Install a Schecter 5-way in order to achieve the above mentioned "parallel" setting on the inner coils (be like single coils) and also will allow for the outer coils to be set-up in parallel.
3) Upgrade to Bourn or CTS pots OR am considering upgrading the master volume to a Bourn Audio (not Linear) pot, but installing two Stellarton Tonestylers for the two tone pots. May consider a different condenser for each tone pot if the ST's aren't used.
4) Last, but not least, change the neck pickup to a Seymour/Duncan Jazz model SH2. Not decided on the bridge.....leave it or change maybe to a JB Model SH-4.

If anyone with wiring experience and give me some feedback on this set-up and maybe a link or two for the wiring instructions/diagrams, it would be greatly appreciated.
If anyone has done any or any part of these changes, comments are welcomed.
Thanks in advance.