well neck gives a throaty tone and bridge is more biting, at least i find, well what about the middle? whats that good for? like on a black beauty?
i well my guitar only has 2 pickups but i think i can help you. the neck pickup for rhythm. middle for riffing and bridge for soloing.
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Really? I've always done it the other way around... bridge for riffing, and neck for solos.
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You have 3 pick ups or 2? Cause I got 2 on my epiphone but theres 3 options like yours. Well atleast how youre describing it. The Neck and middle are used more often for soloing. The middle isnt used as much though. But the middle also gives it an alright tone for chord playing. Not strong punk power chords. Mainly for a bluesy chord playing type of thing. And the bridge can be used for either of those. Most guitar players use the neck pick up for soloing so it can give it a sonic feel type of tone. But when you solo with the bridge pick up it is more clear on what youre doing.
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it more depends on the type of music. bluesy type solos will most likely be played on the neck pickup, but for harder rock, the bridge is used for chords and soloing alike. the middle can be used for chords with cleaner settings.
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well neck gets a smoother tone with less treble and bridge gets a sharper tone with more trbel the middle is somewhere in between. I actually use the middle pickup most on my strat cause its very versatile by swithing the treble up or down you can get a sharp without being too sharp tone or putting it down you can get a good neck sound as well
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The middle, I find, is more handy as a mixer rather than being used on its own. It can create some great tones with the neck/middle or bridge/middle positions.

If you've got a decent middle pup, mine is a single coil, Swineshead Dragonfly on one and a DiMarzio JEM on the other then they can be used for some great twangy play. I use mine when messing around with Hendrix-y stuff.
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ya i mean with p/u in the middle not a mix of bridge a dneck but thanks ya i have a single in my RG's middle andi use it for twangy and clean stuff just dont us it that much, was wondering what other ppl use it for
i use the middle for clean tone. good for cemetery gates clean tone for example. add chorus, phaser for even more cooler tone. and its good for an acoustic simulator too..

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middle pickup has a sharper tone than the neck, but not as sharp as the bridge.
i use neck and middle for my bridge solos, but occaisionally bridge.
when it's fitted to the song, i use the pickup to play the solo.
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I only use my bridge pickup. I only got 2. My Bridge is like a very light, rough kind of sond, and my neck gives this like very bass kind of bluesy sound. I'm thinking that the middle is kind of like a mix of both ur pickups cuase it's in the middle so it gets like both qualities.